Erika Stöckel och Therese Frisk

Therese Frisk, Erika Stöckel

Opening: Friday, June 15, 18-21
Concert: Sonores (SE) Release of the album DANCE At 20:00
Open: Saturday and Sunday June 16-17, 12-15

E: But, I also thought that it's an exercise to be a bit personal.
T: Mm.
E: …to me.
T: Mm.
E: …at least.
T: Yes, that's great.
T: Yes, maybe for me too ...
E: It's interesting to talk about the process ...
T: Mm E: ... anxiety
E: Also, one thing we should talk about ...
T: Mm
E: ... is this ... eh ... situation at openings


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Wergelandsveien 17, 0167 Oslo