Sensing Time: On Temporalities, Rhythms and Memories

Vika Adutova, Emma Astner Jansson, Emel Bayat, Zoi Johansson, Kjetil Detroit Kristensen, Emma Leigh, Niels Munk Plum, Nathalie Fuica Sanchez, Evelin Sillén, Martine Stenberg, Kim Svensson, Elisavet-Sofia Theochari, Liza Kerstin Anna Trulsson, Lesia Vasylchenko

… When the watch is worn about the neck it lies in proximity to the less regular beating of the heart. … (p.57) … time might be measured by ‘rice-cooking’ (about half an hour) or ‘the frying of a locust’ (a moment). … [or by] saying ‘the man died in less than the time in which maize is not yet completely roasted’ (less than fifteen minutes). … (p.58)

How do today’s temporal dimensions affect the way we understand a work or practice?


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