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Louise Dany

9 Herbs Charm: Nettle

Hannah Mjølsnes, Miriam Hansen

Tea ceremony and special focus ⏆ Nettle ⏄⏀
The ancient poem, the "Nine Herb Charm", is a record of the potency of nine specific herbs. Throughout their recidency period, the artist group 9 Herbs Charm, represented by Mjølsnes, and Miriam Hansen(NO) will adapt their way of life and living conditions to accommodate the plants. ⏈Every Sunday, one of the plants will be brewed into tea.
⏀ Also open for visitation every Saturday from March 25, 11 am - 6 pm.⏈⏀Stay-overs can be booked through airbnb⏀

Louise Dany

Contact details

Neuberggata 5A, 0367 Oslo
452 76 945