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Only mankind makes straight lines

Lissette Escobar, Eyvind Solli Andreassen, Carl Martin Hansen, Anneke von der Fehr, Ervin Løffler, Ellen Grieg, Mattias Härenstam, Johannes Block Hellum, Karina Herteig, Aleksander Jæger, Henry Moore, Aase Texmon Rygh, Knut Odden, Martin Stråhle, Hanne Tyrmi, Thor Sandborg, Lise Amundsen

Biomorphism is a movement in modern Western art history that can be claimed to have existed since the early 1900s and up to our own era’s neo-materialism. By exploring biomorphism as a context and common term for all the artists participating in this exhibition, the aim is to build a bridge between different generations and traditions in Norwegian sculptural history.

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