Le Bookclub. The photobook’s transition from page to space

Juliàn Barón, Christophe Daviet-Théry, Fin Serck-Hanssen, Marie Sjøvold, Wolfgang Tillmans, Nadine Wietlisbach, Carmen Winant, Sara R. Yazdani, Zines of the Zone, Libraire Yvon Lambert, Nina Strand, Anna Planas, Pierre Hourquet
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With the exhibition «Le Bookclub», Fotogalleriet will explore the photobook as an exhibition space, in five chapters unraveling over five weeks. Through the creation of a deconstructed, expanded and experimental display space, we will see and test the photographic image in different ways, attempting to avoid stereotypes and given representations. A key question will be whether the book can be the primary exhibition space. And as a consequence – what will that exhibition space be?



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