Open Discussion // Painting Project

Robert Bordo (CA), Robert Holyhead (UK), Tina Kryhlmann (NO), Patrick McElnea (US), Matthew Musgrave (UK), Sarah Pettitt (UK), Hanneline Rogeberg (NO), Hanna Sjöstrand (SE), Michele Tocca (IT), Piya Wanthiang (TH/BE)

The participants in PRAKSIS’s thirteenth residency, 'Painting Project: Out Looking Inwards', invite you to an open conversation probing key issues in painting today. The group plans to unpack some of the dominant narratives shaping the interpretation of contemporary painting, and discuss their possible influence on painting’s futures.

These events are free to attend. PRAKSIS regrets that at this time we are not able to offer step free access.


Opening hours

  1. Monday 17:00 - 19:30
  2. Tuesday 18:00 - 19:30
  3. Wednesday Closed
  4. Thursday Closed
  5. Friday Closed
  6. Saturday Closed
  7. Sunday Closed

Contact details

Rådhusgata 19 (Oslo Kunstforening), 0158 Oslo
411 81 721