Exhibitions this week

  1. Ccba1c7185f38d22207cf55b0c2dcff6bcc70e99 Galleri Riis

    Hamish Fulton

  2. The Vigeland Museum

    Ann Iren Buan

  3. 66a09b694b109ae77e07177a9cb37f97873f7f1f Intercultural Museum

    The Other Wild

    Liv Bugge

  4. C8a04a0c9ee9a08b2d81bd52954caaafc412814d Kunstplass

    A lick and a promise

    Erika Reed (US), Cathrine Liberg (NO), Thomas Iversen (NO), Beatrice Guttormsen (NO), Line Prip (DK), Linda Hærnes (NO), Patricia Risopatron Berg (NO)

  5. 6487276679586830b303d369370817b2271eb535 Astrup Fearnley Museet

    Jeff Koons - Works from the Astrup Fearnley Collection

    Jeff Koons

  6. 9d69f11d7e1557f3ed6022e3d30a939ae62056ee RAM galleri

    Vaser og Akvareller

    Irene Nordli

  7. 9e50a38325fd0ace70a7102221b0017b872374d9 Shoot Gallery

    Homage to Humanity

  8. E3ae5926480d70f6b9b8a540ce81923b8c5510ed K4 galleri

    Yafei Qi

  9. 43dd892f688ca113c871bcc3895fac80b98ae352 Kunsthall Oslo

    The Brutalist Playground

    Assemble, Simon Terrill

  10. C2fb7a068c553759240a9a779a5311c73050e0ce Noplace

    It’s so real

    Janne Kruse

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Upcoming events & openings

  1. Podium

    Opening: Fermenting Subjects

    Anders Dahl Monsen, Arne Skaug Olsen

  2. Ea663ef0614e109519bfff43d712ff50ccd91302 Kunstnernes Hus

    Opening: Opening - Jeremy Deller

  3. 2e7a84ee059735f43b1a3f4ceb6bb58ad93faa51 Kunstnernes Hus

    Children podcast recording session

  4. Kunstnernes Hus

    Destiny's Gratinée - Performance

    Niels Munk Plum

  5. 29d439fc35c562b814c1d5c68bd33db650871de0 Fotogalleriet

    Opening: Opening: Vanishing Twin (Tetragametic Chimerism)

  6. The Vigeland Museum

    Guided tour by Ann Iren Buan

  7. Ad10d6502389afce71bd310461613205ccd0be92 Galleri Riis

    Opening: I stepped into an avalanche, It covered up my soul

    Fredrik Söderberg

  8. C86c0c4fe8e1be2c816464cb72fa35b144b252e2 Galleri Riis

    Opening: This Particular Place

    Marie Buskov

  9. 2d74199e38af2c08a96bf8fa0adcae3fb1bccc39 Atelier Nord

    Opening: Modes to Moods

    Pearla Pigao

  10. Cdf2adfc448cbecefc93428487f357d85de6c3ae Norwegian Sculptors Society

    Opening: Quiet growth

    Sonja Ferlov Mancoba

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