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Exhibitions this week

  1. 69f74af364706e5b41038e9ce990c67b70681792 Kunstplass [10]

    Woman interrupted

    Jeannette Christensen

  2. Podium

    Oscar Qvale

  3. 8569e43d5fec8a0960b4a1091d82b5b6a2a6abc1 Kunstplass [10]

    Gayclubbing in Norway from 1950 to 2017 | an exhibition at the Historical Museum in Oslo

    Fin Serck-Hanssen, Skeivt arkiv, Eirik Lyster, Jenny Marie Hviding Schjerven, Inge Ås

  4. Fc26da6078ee641afd51dcca7b2d117bf1ce2b79 The Munch Museum

    Drømmelandskap - Teddy Røwde

    Teddy Røwde

  5. B6cc3c796c0d194bfec9e5254a1eb46f09c04ca2 Kunsthall Oslo

    Dream Landscape

    Teddy Røwde

  6. 21bc615f18f074dd25ea1e816feca8a270360cc8 Blomqvist Kunsthandel

    Aksel Waldemar Johannessen

  7. 925957100f9ec9631be381424f1698c90317e01e BOA

    Power To Live In A Modern World

    Hege Liseth , Helene Torp

  8. 0c3f21d3506a323ad0848eda1f8432e036527d26 Noplace


    Linda Bournane Engelberth

  9. 69dda0cbc89de0b9e0beb497addeb8bc61f7cba6 Oslo Kunsthandel

    Between the Lines

    Thomas Hestvold, Erlend Grytbakk Wold, Sidsel Westbø

  10. 26b2d908888a76b652650fe9c6984bd6fc27742a BOA

    I find shelter in our remains

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