Events week 4 21 Jan - 27 Jan

  1. 29d439fc35c562b814c1d5c68bd33db650871de0 Fotogalleriet

    Opening: Opening: Vanishing Twin (Tetragametic Chimerism)

  2. The Vigeland Museum

    Guided tour by Ann Iren Buan

  3. Ea60e043c240d2856ccba3a6d502cc3c359cea27 Fotogalleriet

    Launch of four photofanzines by Multipress

    Marius Engh, Hedevig Anker, Miki Kratsman, Shabtai Pinchevsky, Clare Strand

  4. Ad10d6502389afce71bd310461613205ccd0be92 Galleri Riis

    Opening: I stepped into an avalanche, It covered up my soul

    Fredrik Söderberg

  5. C86c0c4fe8e1be2c816464cb72fa35b144b252e2 Galleri Riis

    Opening: This Particular Place

    Marie Buskov

  6. 2d74199e38af2c08a96bf8fa0adcae3fb1bccc39 Atelier Nord

    Opening: Modes to Moods

    Pearla Pigao

  7. B8aae59ac9aa507f269911c592c704c465628f56 Norwegian Sculptors Society

    Opening: Pillow Talk Bestiary

    Jennie Bringaker

  8. 47077c63e6305ea8ceeab7b7bd1b92300a1110ca UKS – Unge Kunstneres Samfund / Young Artists' Society

    Opening: Martin Sæther: Toile

    Martin Sæther

  9. Cdf2adfc448cbecefc93428487f357d85de6c3ae Norwegian Sculptors Society

    Opening: Quiet growth

    Sonja Ferlov Mancoba

  10. 2b369d6888eddd16aafaa4b20fbca66eb07f3bfd Peder Lund

    Opening: Dan Flavin: Selected Works