Exhibitions this week

  1. 22c14e86aac13e627dc721ffe4acd0c5816077b0 Vasli Souza

    Carry the Weight of You

    Pixy Liao

  2. 16bf2baa6dbd94b127174ba53d62cf644149cda6 Noplace

    Looking at the Other Mushrooms

    Asle Nilsen

  3. A0ef3cfadb4088c8cd515272959d46b5196ae47f Galleri Riis

    Signs and Figures

    Jan Groth

  4. 76a30ef9cd9aefa965953533462ae5bbc82b8dc0 Henie Onstad Kunstsenter

    The Great Monster Dada Show

  5. Shoot Gallery


    Lene Marie Fossen

  6. C6d1c7888c8069e61139d47d0097a4a02a937373 Bærum Kunsthall


    Maiken Stene

  7. 8fcd41e394e6bf8485e3c6b5a9bf6a832e4d14a4 Podium

    The Significant Other

    Kim Laybourn

  8. C858ac142ca167b211c1d7e94a10ccb32bd296e7 Bærum Kunsthall

    Flowers from Svalbard

    Ulla Schildt

  9. 1fb0c359c3bb6de62f010f374710f51640297fa6 Bærum Kunsthall

    Another Story

    Jenny Rydhagen

  10. Galleri 69


    Lars Paalgard, Geir Backe Alteren

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Upcoming events & openings

  1. F2836853b4274be199493c692d067023b6bfed77 222T

    Opening: TRANS : FORM : YOU : LATE Volume 1

    Yngvild K. Rolland

  2. 6958b8f7c68d824c5940bd03f3d328349cfdf046 Norwegian Sculptors Society

    Opening: Institute for Creativity

    Eamon O´Kane

  3. 5a026f842700a4479ee04a4a30d18ba28c08856f ROM

    Artist talk and book launch: Marte Johnslien, White to Earth

  4. C399be1ce45a6b78bcf95ac2457d77bde3908827 Norwegian Sculptors Society

    The Song of Warning

    Fahrad Kalantary

  5. Bbfefa25b7076d59bdf176cf285251d3a4a8de2b Galleri Norske Grafikere

    Opening: PAPER

    Elly Prestegård, Rebecca Nordbø, Ellen Blakstad Paus

  6. 5b221dfd2d778448a86231736075bec9b1b81d21 Kunstnernes Hus

    LEO Filmklubb: Short film program with Trygve Luktvasslimo

  7. 82b800e4fa796a5688003995801882fc7c267955 Tegnerforbundet (The Norwegian Drawing Association)

    Opening: Tegnerforbundets utvalgte, bildebøker 2019

    Mari Kanstad Johnsen, Rune Markhus, Øyvind Torseter, Kaia Dahle Nyhus, Per Dybvig, Max Estes, Martin Ernstsen, Marianne Gretteberg Engedal, Mette Hellenes, Åshild Irgens, Maria Lillebo, Fedor Sapegin

  8. Galleri 69

    Opening: TRE

    Geir Backe Alteren og Lars Paalgard

  9. C825fb291d2a79d7a1aa1d225972487d4b38ae13 Kunstnernes Hus

    Following Thinkers

    Anna Ulrikke Andersen, D.N. Rodowick

  10. D46c664b4d2d1d4e7f6633d98f62fe06e65dd541 Henie Onstad Kunstsenter

    The Great Monster Dada Show Finissage

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