Akershus Kunstsenter

From Object to Subject – An Experiment

Elisabeth von Krogh, Anette Krogstad, Anja Borgersrud, Sigrid Espelien, Ellen Kjærgaard, Ellen Larsson, Anne Leger, Aron Li, Trine Midtsund, Michiko Takahashi Nilsen, Sara Skotte, Anna Talbot, Hedvig Sommerfeldt, Ragnhild Wik, HAiK w/Toril Johannessen, med flere

How is arts and craft shown and displayed in a shop, in contrast with an exhibition space? Do we look at a cup or vase differently when placed on a plinth, rather than on a shop shelf next to other objects of its kind?
What are the mechanisms that underpin our penchant for categorization, and how do they affect our perception of these objects? In this experiment, AKS draws artists out of shops and into the white cube, opening up to sliding transitions between the two divisions.

Akershus Kunstsenter

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